Why Gourmet Gluten Free Coffs Harbour?

Not only do Gourmet Gluten Free offer a convenient way to purchase gluten free products within the Coffs Harbour region, we are a locally owned business and all our products are sourced from local suppliers. So we’re doing our bit to keep business in the local area booming.

Save time

By having your gluten free slices, cakes and savoury items delivered to your door every week. I’m sure there are other things you would rather be doing. Gourmet Gluten Free Distributors will deliver these tantalising mix of slices, cakes and savoury items to your door frozen so that you have the convenience of being able to take them out as you need them. With friendly customer service and delivery available every week, this brings me to another great reason to order these gourmet products.

No wastage

You will never have to discard these gluten free treats as you only take out what you need. The products are hand crafted using the finest gourmet ingredients. The kitchen is 100% gluten free kitchen with strict food safety regulations.

You will be able to expand your menu and instead of offering only one or two gluten free options your celiac clients and others with varied dietary requirements will be able to have a choice. Your customers will not know they are gluten free they are so yummy!


Impress your customers by offering a varied selection of treats. There are 22 different products to choose from so you can vary your orders. If you would like to diversify your range of gluten free options to cater for the increasing demand I will happily arrange a tasting box of the products for your business. Tasting boxes are only available to commercial businesses.

Find out more

To find out more about Gourmet Gluten Free Coffs Harbour just give us a call on 0411 284 594 or email us on sales@gourmetglutenfree.com.au.